Sunday, July 3, 2011

What's the deal?

So, I know it has been way too long since my last post, which means I'm already slacking on my "summer to-do list". That being said, this past week was full of craziness that inevitably will cause further slacking in the to-do department...starting with Sunday night.

Last Sunday, the 26th, I was stoked to watch the season premiere of True Blood (one of my fav shows!) and then I proceeded to shower before bed after the awesome premiere episode. Let me just say, luke warm showers are not fun especially when they turn into cold ones. Yup, you guessed it, my water heater broke. Monday morning I did some research and made some phone calls and found out I was about to dish out a ton of cash to resolve this issue. So, after shedding a few tears, pulling out some major dough, and waiting on the plumber Monday afternoon I now have a brand new water heater.. and no money (which is the part that causes even more neglect to my "to-do list"). At least I'm clean though! ;)

Now I am seriously on the job search, not that I wasn't already, I just have a new found energy for the search at the moment. I applied for a position two weeks ago and found out on Wednesday I was chosen for an interview on Friday. I also passed a test for a full-time position within Sam, and sent that application in. Obviously, this would be my first choice job, since it is right down the hall from my current office, as well as it would not require as much training since I already know the computer system. On to Friday. I actually wasn't nervous at all leading up to this interview, just excited. Since this was for my #2 job choice, and I'm pretty positive about the #1, I just went in with the attitude of "let's just see what happens". And then 11:30 rolls around... I walk through the doors of this facility (I'm not going state where, so as not to offend anyone) and realize in about 2.5 seconds this is not the place for me. But, I've already been spotted and do not want to be extremely rude and walk out without saying anything, so I proceed to the interview. This building was old, and just felt dirty. Now, I realize not everyone shares in my distaste of cigarette smoke, however, this place REEKED of an ashtray. As I sit in the waiting area, before they even call me back to meet with anyone, I already have a pounding headache from the smoke. Annnnnd then the coughing starts. For those of you who do not know, I have asthma, which means other than just disliking smoke, it also makes me sick- literally. The two gentlemen call me back after about 5 minutes of waiting (again, with a pounding headache) and I proceed to initiate the shortest interview I have ever had. After they explain how the interview will go (about 1.5 minutes in) I ask if the position will be in the building we are in. The answer was obviously yes, therefore every question they asked was answered with as few words as possible and I had no further questions to add after they finished their part. I was basically out in about 8 minutes. Seriously, like I said the fastest interview ever. I highly doubt they'll call, but if they do, I will definitely be turning that one down. My #1 choice job will hopefully be interviewing in about a week, and I've had several recommendations from people within the building so I'm really excited about this one!

On to the 4th of July, which around here is kind of dull this year due to the lovely drought we're currently in. No. Fireworks. Makes. Me. Sad. I usually watch the fireworks with the seester, seester hubby and niece, so now I am at a loss as to what I'm going to do tomorrow night. I did have some major fun Saturday with Candy, Whit and some other peeps! We hit the pool for a few hours and then headed to Candy's house for a little bbq to celebrate the 4th and her hubby's finishing grad school. It was tons of fun just hanging out with everyone and eating good food. :)

Hope you are all having a great 4th of July weekend! Have fun, eat tons of good stuff, have some drinks, watch the fireworks, be safe and above all else, don't forget what this holiday is all about. Take some time to remember those who have served and are currently serving this great nation. I thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart for fighting for our freedom. Happy 4th of July!!

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