Monday, February 3, 2014


Birthday weekend has come and gone and with it, my random acts of kindness project. If you aren't familiar, read about how this started last year for my 30th birthday HERE. Since this wasn't my first rodeo, everything went by much more quickly than last year. I forgot to take any pictures to document, but that's ok, it's about doing it, not proving it. Here's the list of 31 things (some are the same as last year...)

1. deliver donuts & kolaches to the Police Station
2. tape money to vending machine
3. tape money to coke machine
4. recycle newspaper/magazines at Try2Recycle
5. recycle water bottles at the city recycling center
6. drop off dog food to the awesome husband & wife team that run a no kill shelter in Point Blank (they're at Tractor Supply the first Saturday of everything month!)
7. deliver cookies to the fire station
8. left thank you note and candy for mailman in the box
9. deliver cookies to EMS
10. drop off clothes at Goodwill
11. deliver cookies to University Police
12. left quarters taped to a machine at the laundry mat
13. mail Valentine's cards to the VA hospital
14. deliver Valentine's cards to the nursing home
15. deliver cookies to the nurses at the nursing home
16. Pizza to the State Park staff (the huge race was going on again and they were very happy for lunch!)
17. deliver cookies to a neighbor
18. return shopping carts (in the rain...)
19. give a Starbucks card to a stranger
20. left $20 prepaid at the gas station
21. deliver coloring books and crayons to the hospital
22. deliver cookies to the nurses at the hospital
23. deliver flowers to the hosiptal
24. give a stranger a scratch off lotto ticket
25. drop clothes off at the pregnancy care center
26. dog food to Rita B. Huff
27. deliver food to the mission
28. paid for the next person in line
29. diapers and wipes for church daycare
30. leave a large tip
31. Charity Water Page:  - Donations can be made through March 31st. 100% of the proceeds go to fund a water well :)

I had a blast getting everything done and then spending the rest of the weekend with family and friends. Again, a huge shoutout to Isabel for waking up super early on her Saturday and doing all this stuff with me. Also, to my mom who is awesome and baked 17 dozen chocolate chip cookies for me on Friday. I couldn't have done this without them!

So far, 31 has been a fabulous year! I had supper Friday night with my sister and then went out with some old friends Saturday night- good times were had by all. Sunday, my actual birthday, was the Super Bowl so that was just awesome. I was going for the Seahawks (since my boys were out) and they win. I watched the game at my fav football watching spot the Prater's with Candy and had some yummy food! I even did a little work clothes shopping on Sunday afternoon before the game. This weekend was like the trifecta- birthday, Super Bowl, shopping. :D

I'm just really glad to be making the random acts of kindness a tradition. Hopefully I can influence some of you to start your own random acts of kindness as part of your routine.

Have a wonderul week!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Birthday Bash!

Since I rarely post to this blog anymore, I'm not if anyone will actually be reading this.. but it's worth a shot!

In less than one month it's birthday weekend again. Which means, another Saturday filled with Random Acts of Kindness. If you aren't familiar with this concept, check out my post from last year HERE. This year, I'm turning 31 so there will be an extra act thrown into the mix. I'm changing up a few of the others as well, but most of them will stay the same as this is a very small town and it's hard to come up with options that can be completed on a Saturday.

The 31st item for this year is a charity: water campaign. They're an amazing organization that funds water projects around the world. You can visit my donation page HERE and click around to learn more about charity: water as well. They are privately funded so 100% of funds donated go straight to water projects. Did you know that every day 5,000 kids under the age of 5 die from water-related illnesses? We can change that by providing clean water to many places that would otherwise go without. What's really awesome about charity: water, is that once the well is complete (usually about 18 months) you receive GPS coordinates and satellite images of the specific well you helped to build, or if you're a rockstar and raise enough funds, the well you actually build yourself.

Let's take a minute to think about what this means. Skipping a Starbucks run one day, for a week, or even for a month could greatly impact some kids for the rest of their lives. Are you up to the challenge? Donate whatever you are able to give, whether it's $31 for my 31st birthday or $5 for skipping that latte today, every little bit matters. It takes $700+ to fund an entire well, right now my target goal is set at $500, because it was a nice, round number and I love the number five. Let's spread the word and see if we can surpass the $500 mark. If y'all rock it like I know you can, and we raise enough to build an entire well, then maybe we'll have to institute some sort of prize... like I'll get a tattoo or something...

Spread the word guys! Share the link with any and all your peeps via Facebook, Twitter, email, word of mouth, smoke signal, whatever it may be!