Thursday, August 1, 2013


Has it really been three months? My goodness, time sure does fly by. I had decided to take a little break from blogging and time just got away from me I guess. So for the whole 2.5 people who read this ;) no worries I haven't given up all together, just enjoying the long summer days. Hope y'all have been doing the same.

Recently we took a trip out to the hill country and spent some time at the Frio. I absolutely love it out there. It's so peaceful, and there's always a breeze. Even though it rained a little at least every day, we had a blast and can't wait to go back next summer. I've been hitting up the pool as much as possible too, it's just so relaxing. Next summer I'm definitely going to a beach. Like a REAL BEACH. I love Texas, but our beaches are a little lacking in the awesomeness factor. I'm thinking something like the Mexican Riveria- I need white sand, blue water, lounges right out back of the hotel, and of course a very nice waiter person to bring me a delicious beverage right there on the beach. hahaha! Maybe I'll just hit up Grand Cayman again. ;)

I also became a great auntie this summer! I can't believe that Les is old enough to be a little mama.. or that I'm old enough to have a great niece for that matter! Miss E is a precious little thing though. I wish they lived next door to me, or heck in my house so I could just love on that little face and those little hands. Aren't tiny baby hands the cutest thing ever? OK, here are a few pics that I managed to get from the happenings. I promise I'll try to not go another three months.


Hope y'all continue to enjoy the lazy days of summer, fall (and football WOO!) will be here before you know it!