Sunday, July 3, 2011


If you read my last post, you know I'm poor at the moment. So, rather than being out with Whit and some other friends tonight I am sitting at home. I have become a thief and stole this blog from my Erin. Enjoy! :)

ge: 28
Bed size: Queen! and I love it, I sleep like a crazy person :)
Chore you hate: toilets. they are so disgusting.
Dad's name: Stephen/Steve
Essential start to your day: washing my face, I'm not fulling awake until this happens.
Favorite actress and actor: Sandra Bullock (I concur Erin!) and the boy is a tough one.. Heath Ledger was so freaking talented, Ryan Reynolds is freaking hot!, and I love almost all of Tom Hanks movies - I could go on and on for both genders really.
Gold or silver: Silver, although I have a new love of Rose Gold
Height: 5'4" ++
Instruments you play(ed): HA!
Job title: Administrative Assistant. or to those who need more clarification: total badass!
Kid(s): negative. I love kids, I'm the coolest Auntie in the world! Just don't dig the whole 24/7 thing.
Living arrangements: just me, in a shoebox.
Mom's name: Kathryn/Kathy
Nicknames: Kris, Kristi G, Kdawg, Krissy and many more that are much more embarrassing! haha
Overnight hospital stays other than birth: Well I was really sick when I was born so I stayed in the NICU for several weeks. Other than that, none.
Pet peeves: smoking, drunk driving, people who don't wipe their face when eating, leaving early from a sporting event (you never know what's going to happen!), people who drive slow in the fast lane - bad drivers in general.. many more.
Quotes you like: waaaaaay too many to list.
Right or left-handed: Both, although I mainly write with my right hand.
Siblings: 1 seester and 1 brother
Time you wake up: 6:30-6:45 weekdays and depends on the weekends
U[was missing, so i'll make it up!]rban dictionary your name and pick your favorite definition: "
a woman i know who is incredibly sexy and i love her so much. she is the most amazing person alive and if you dont think so you deserve to die. amazingly there are some people who actually dont like her. but thats just because they're jealous and they're all asses anyway so no one cares about them. Kristi deserves everything in the world and id do anything for her. ill never leave her side and i'll always be her best friend"
egetables you dislike: raw tomatoes, although I'll eat them cooked in just about anything haha!
Ways you run late: I'm pretty much the most punctual person I've ever met.
X-rays you've had: This is a long list, I should probably have radiation poisoning by now.... MRI as a baby, age 5 wrist, 8 elbow, 11 chest, 16 hand, 18 foot, 19 hand, 25 wrist, 25 MRI wrist, 27 shin. and obviously the teeth every cleaning.
Yummy food you make: I've been told I should jar my tomato soup and sell it with my homemade asiago cheese croutons, several pasta dishes, cake balls
Zodiac: Aquarius

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