Thursday, July 21, 2011

something might be afoot...

Some of you already know about a possible job change that could be occurring in the next couple weeks... Well, I had the interview today. I think it went pretty well, considering I hate interviews or talking about myself in general. There are 4 other candidates, as HR requires 5 interviews per job position. Mr. B said he would be making a decision over the weekend and notifying HR Monday. Fingers crossed boys and girls! Once the decision has been announced, I will post more information regarding the position and whatnot.

Today has been a long day. I am currently a part-time employee, so I usually leave for the day at 12:00PM. Candy had an appointment this afternoon so I'm working all day and taking off tomorrow to make up for the extra hours. I'm pretty excited about being off tomorrow. What for you ask? To sleep all day? Of course not! I'm going to get up and be off to the gym by 8:00AM so I can be ready to head south the do a little shopping with my Isabel. It has been way too long since we met up, and since I'm off and will hopefully be needing some new/better work clothes I figured a trip to the mall was in store. I'm also packing a pretty hefty coupon for New York & Company so hopefully I can find some nice crop pants - since it's so freaking hot outside! Marshalls surprisingly has some pretty cute things too, at times anyway, that can be used for the work environment. I typically just look for shirts there, and have found quite a few on previous occasions. Now obviously I will not be spending a ton of money tomorrow as I have not recieved the job yet, but my NY&Co coupon does expire Monday - so why the hell not?! :)

Next week will prbably bring another update on some stuff that's been going, but at the moment I don't have enough information to put on here. Hopefully by Tuesday afternoon I'll know more.

Hope you're having a great week, it's almost FRIDAY!


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