Monday, July 11, 2011

Just Another Manic Monday.

Hope you all had a great weekend! I know I did :)

Friday afternoon the cable guy came to fix my HBO which has been acting up FOR WEEKS! He was super awesome and hooked me up with some other cable stuff, although HBO is still not working correctly, which caused me to miss True Blood last night. SAD! I talked to him first thing this morning and he will hopefully be out sometime today to try something else with it. In the meantime, I have been avoiding several people on Facebook and Twitter so as not to read any spoilers. Anyhoooooo, the rest of my weekend was spent watching a movie, delivering a mobile and burp cloths I sold to a shower, a little pool time, watching another movie, and then.... watching the most intense/jaw dropping/awesome/inspiring/ soccer game I have ever seen on Sunday morning. The U.S. Women's team played Brazil in an elimination match to get into the top 4 of the Women's World Cup. Let me just say, I have never yelled at my television that much in my life! The referees were HORRIBLE, but justice was served in the end as we overcame 2 detrimental bad calls and won the game in a shootout. I'm still excited about it, and just typing this is making me super pumped again- think I'll go for a run after lunch :)

Was your weekend as exciting as mine? Just wait, our next match is Wednesday morning at 10:30am against France. BRING IT!

I'm going to try something new on here, we'll see if I can keep it up.... Music Mondays. Today is going to be a "playlist" of what I've been listening to the last few days. I was especially into this list on Thursday and Friday of last week while I worked on the mobile and burp cloths for Saturday. Future Music Mondays will most likely feature one or two songs and/or artists.

Kenny Chesney – Somewhere with you
Christina Perri – Jar of Hearts
One Republic – Secrets
Garrett Hedlund – Chances Are
Garrett Hedlund with Leighton Meester – Give into me
Digital Daggers – Head Over Heels
Chantal Kreviazuk – Feels like home
Eli Young Band – Always the Love Songs, Crazy Girl
Brooks & Dunn – She used to be mine
Roger Waters (The Departed Soundtrack) – Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd cover)
One Republic – Good Life
Christina Perri – Arms
Blackhawk – Goodbye says it all
Travis Tritt – Anymore
Aerosmith – Dream On
Alanis Morissette – Uninvited
Alice in Chains – Rooster
Curtis Stigers & the Forest Rangers – This Life
Dashoard – Vindicated
David Gray – This years love
Paul Westerberg- Let the bad times roll

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