Friday, January 4, 2013

made the decision

Well, I made the decision for my New Year's Resolution. I wanted it to be something involving photography and since I purchased a new camera for myself as a Christmas gift, I wanted it to involve that as well. I was thinking about doing a 365 photo challenge, which I talked about in my last post, however, that just would not be feasible with my work/running schedule during the week. So, I came up with the idea of doing a weekly photo. This will give me time to get out on the weekends and take photos of things besides my running trails/treadmills and while it's still light out. This will make 52 photos, for those that don't like math, or don't know there are 52 weeks in a year. I'm not sure if each one will only be 1 photo or if I will include multiple for events and such. I already know next weekend I will be having a fun outing that will produce some good (and different!) pictures so I will most likely post several from that excursion. I'm leaving the rulse open in that regard. The only constant will be 52 weeks = 52 photos = 52 posts.

Hopefully this will be a little bit easier than a 365 challenge, I've heard those are really hard! Maybe next year, baby steps..

Hope everyone's 2013 is starting off well! Mine has definitely started off with a bang and not in a good way, so I'm hoping to jump start my own awesomeness this year in several different ways- one of which is with the photo challenge. I'll have to travel around more on the weekends to see new things so I can get more photos :)

This does however mean that I'll have to move some craft time to weeknights, which is not cool during these winter days when it gets dark at 5:30pm. I love the cold, just not the EARLY darkness. It is not condusive to working on projects, or doing anything for that matter, at night other than putting on pajamas and reading a book/watching tv before you go to bed.

Anyway, hope you find your own way to kickstart the New Year into something fabulous for yourself! I'm ready for some football this weekend and round #1 of 52 photos!


Eat 'Em Up Kats!

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