Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Ocean and Ice

Last weekend I spent a good portion of my time watching football, it was Wildcard Weekend afterall, and the Kats were trying for the trophy one more time. Well, Saturday night I decided to give the sports a break and relax with a movie. It has been so dreary around here that staying in was the best idea...

I decided to see what HBO had to offer On Demand since it's included in my fee. I found this little movie and decided to give it a shot. I remember hearing a few things about Big Miracle but never gave it another thought. It's a really good film, based on a true story from the mid 80's. I vaguely remember hearing about this a kid, but not much as I was pretty young. Three whales are trapped in the ice off the coast of Alaska and it's basically about their harrowing journey and how they affected a nation and ultimately the world. Now I'm not a huge conservationist or an activist for Greenpeace or anything, but I definitely care about the environment, so I really enjoyed this movie and thought the message was great but not overbearing like some Hollywood stuff now days.

You're probably wondering why I'm telling you about this movie 5 days later, right? Well, this morning I was checking my daily news sites online and when I went to I came across this article. Before proceeding, you should really check out the link. It's pretty much the exact same thing, only this time Orcas are trapped and it's a slightly different coastline.

 It breaks my heart. It seems, that no rescue efforts are taking place this time around. We've only come 30 years since the whales the movie was based on were stranded in the ice, you would think something could be done in today's world.


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