Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Wish List

As you can tell from my previous post, I absolutely love the holiday season and get excited over all kinds of things. I love giving gifts, especially coming up with homemade or semi-homemade gifts is one of my all time favorite gift giving things. I'm a big fan of the gift basket. Last year I gave several of them out that were all very similar, just varying in size and a few contents. The main items last year were cheese spreads, olives, crackers, cheese boards, cheese knives, chocolates and then a personal item for each recipient. There are a lot of places that make baskets like this (or with other contents like wine etc) but I really enjoy making them and decorating them. Making the basket pretty is half the fun! :)  I'm really trying to buckle down this week and get my gifts ordered. I will definitely be hitting up some stores this weekend when I'm in the Woodlands for an appointment.

So to get in the gifting spirit, here is my "wish list" obviously I'm not going to be receiving this stuff, since they're mostly pretty expensive items, but a girl can dream!

I've wanted a KitchenAid Mixer for years now. I know they're not that expensive and I am going to have to eventually man up and just buy one. I am especially loving this color, isn't it fabulous?!

Frye boots. Oh, my word. I just love them. This style in particular. They're super cute, country yet trendy, and from what I've read very comfy. One day, you will be mine!

I recently discovered this designer thanks to a post on A Beautiful Mess and let me just say that Orla Kiely knows what she is doing. Her bags are fabulous! This blue one is from the new collection, I just love the color and the little leaf pattern. Her stuff is a little pricy (hence the reason I don't have this bag in my possession right now) but I think it's definitely worth saving up for! She also has some cute laptop bags and dresses as well.

This is another Orla Kiely bag, because I mean really, we can't always carry a beautiful blue bag everywhere we go! ;)

A big girl camera. This is actually something I will probably get in the near future, maybe not this exact one (although that would be awesome). I have been in desperate need of a new camera and I really want a good one that I can use for better quality pics of my crafts as well as outdoor pictures. You didn't know I was a huge nerd that likes to run around taking pictures outside did you? Yup, that's me!

Ahhh, a serger. This isn't really something I need it would just be super awesome to have. I'm not making a clothing line or anything, but the pillows would go by oh so much faster with a serger. Plus, I could branch out to other things if I had one. The ones in our lab at school (way back when, ha!) were fabulous!

That's my Wish List this year. Obviously, I would love to win the lottery or something crazy like that, but what are the odds? ... probably about as good as many getting this stuff, haha! Have you thought about your Wish List? Hopefully everyone has a little fun with it, I think it's good to dream a little now and then.

I can't believe we're already so close to Christmas! It would be even better if it wasn't 80 freakin degrees outside! Oh well, I'll just have to be bad and crank up the AC to have some hot chocolate tonight ;)


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