Sunday, December 30, 2012


I hope y'all had a great Christmas! Mine was good, the storms blew through on Christmas Eve (late) and early Christmas morning, annnnnd we lost power. But, other than that it was great. We were without power for a couple days so my mom and had to lug our Christmas food to Candy's house and cook there, then lug it back home all packaged up and in coolers to keep it warm. We had Christmas dinner on the coffee table, by lantern. It could have been much worse, though, so we were lucky. The crazy winds knocked trees down everywhere, but we ended up with just some huge branches, no major damage. I was glad I got to at least warm up my homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast before the power went out! :)

Was Santa good to y'all? I got a gift card to go toward a camera (which I bought Saturday!) and Candy and the fam got me a Dremel tool and I'm so freaking excited to start using it on my craft projects!! I almost bought one at Black Friday, they're so cool. They can do all kinds of stuff in one. I also got a couple Hobby Lobby gift cards which will go to great use for my crafting projects. I loved everything and am so thankful for what I received! I also loved being able to give gifts too, that's truly my favorite part. I hope everyone enjoyed their treats!

I don't know about y'all, but I'm so not ready to go back to work this week! I love vacation!!

Hope your Christmas was very merry and your new year is full of happiness and cheer!


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