Friday, November 30, 2012


I cannot believe that tomorrow is December y'all. Time is flying by at a ridiculous pace. The holidays are my favorite time of year, it's just hard to believe they're already here! I am so excited to do all my favorite Christmastime things like watch holiday themed movies while burning my holiday themed candles. Who am I kidding? I've been burning my holiday themed candles since November 1st! I've already finished off my Christmas Cookie scent and moved on the Cinnamon Stix. Yankee Candle holiday scents are my fav! I love curling up with a cup of hot chocolate to watch a movie and have one of those scents burning. You know you have a favorite holiday candle :)

Next week I'm going to get going on my Christmas shopping. I'm super organized with it this year, rather than simply making a list to highlight (I love highlighting!) I've created a spreadsheet with names, items and prices. A bit nerdy, but I really want to keep track of how much I spend at Christmas and start comparing each year. The following week will be on to one of my other favorite past times of the holiday season. Gingerbread Houses! I love making gingerbread houses. Maybe it's my creative side that can never outgrow it, but I always try to find something new to add to my little house each year. I've already been thinking up ideas. Yup, I take gingerbread house building very seriously.

Just before Christmas, I'll get to do my all time favorite holiday activity. Drive around and look at Christmas lights. I've been doing this since I was kid. My parents took us when we were young and it's just been a tradition I've kept up ever since. I absolutely love this tradition. Listening to Christmas music and drinking hot chocolate while driving through beautifully decorated neighborhoods is just so magical. I usually try to pick a cold night to make it that much more special, although in Texas, sometimes that's not possible so I just crank up the AC and enjoy my hot chocolate in the "cold" regardless of the weather outside.

I always go over to the parent's house one weekend before Christmas and make cookies with my mom. I love doing this too. My brother and I always decorated the cookies when we were younger, now it's just me while mom bakes them all. The my perfectionist/creative side comes out so it usually takes quite a while, but we always have fun and end up eating cookies in the process. We also bake cinnamon rolls just before the 25th to eat Christmas morning. I love this because when I was kid my mom always baked them and I just watched, now I get in on the action and we make them a little more "ooey and gooey and cinnamony". Did you see what I did there with those awesome culinary terms? I also absolutely LOVE eating cinnamon rolls. Or almost anything with cinnamon really. So, yeah Christmas morning cinnamon rolls are my fav.

Hope you're all as excited for December as I am! :)


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