Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Thanksgiving really can't be just a few short days away, it doesn't seem possible, time could not have flown by so quickly. But, it has. Last year my holidays, starting with Thanksgiving, were a little shooken up and took a different course than usual. This year, while I'm not getting back to the usual schedule, I am getting to celebrate the holidays in a more normal fashion and I'm very excited about it. Last year, I never really got into the spirit until right before Christmas so it was hard for me to enjoy things- there were a lot of issues going on, none of which will be discussed on this here blog, so hopefully with many of those things behind me I can get back to a slightly different, but more normal routine.

I'm going to help my mom cook Thanksgiving supper on Thursday morning (after I wake up early and go for a nice run since it's going to be like 75 degrees outside). I'm really excited! Since I haven't had Thanksgiving at my parent's house in a while, and she hasn't cooked it in a while, we're trying some new methods. Rather than a huge bird for the three of us we're just doing seasoned turkey breasts and some of the usual culprits for side dishes. I'm also going to roast some of my favorite veggies and make cilantro/lime black beans to mix with them. I know you're thinking "what tha?!" but I love veggies and black beans together and we're just having fun this year. Rather than making desserts, I ordered a pie from my little buddy Jayce when his baseball team was doing a fundraiser with Pie in the Sky Pies in Conroe. They were so sweet to deliver the pecan pie I ordered on Saturday (plus I got to visit with Tami and little Miss so it was a win win). I can't wait to try the pie, it looks super delish! My boys are playing Thursday night against the Jets, so I'll be watching that while I'm being lazy from eating all the food. I'm pretty excited. I'm sure the parents and I will get a game or two of scrabble in there somewhere, it's what we always did on holidays. :)

Something not holiday related, but that I'm also looking forward to, is seeing Breaking Dawn Part 2 on Wednesday night with Isabel. We've been holding out waiting for the crazies to get their fix so the theater is less crowded and ridiculous. I'm kind of over the whole series, but I do have to see the movie just to see it. I know, that sounds silly. I have heard they changed some stuff, specifically the ending so I'm looking forward to that. I'm kind of hoping someone dies or something just to really change things up. We shall see!

I'm working through Wednesday, although the students don't have class Wednesday so it's kind of silly for the University to be open, but oh well. I will be the only one in the office that day so I can play some Christmas music and really enjoy being in the holiday spirit this year. The guys in the office aren't really the holiday types. Anyway, I usually get my fix with the music on the way to work, so I'm kind of stoked to be able to listen to it all day long in the office!

What are your Thanksgiving plans? I am very thankful this year, for many, many things so we'll just leave it at that. I am very thankful. My goal this holiday season is to try and spread some holiday spirit/awesomeness whenever possible. I'm going to start carrying Christmas cards with me and anytime I'm at the store (or anywhere really) and someone seems like they could use a pick me up, the cashier looks entirely overworked, or maybe just another patron who seems overly stressed I will give them a card and hopefully brighten their day just a little. I've thought about even putting a little Starbucks card in a few, for someone who seems like they could really use it. Nothing too fancy or expensive just a little something to let people know there's someone out there that cares. Hopefully this will inspirse some of you to come up with your own "holiday spirit spreaders" or you can even use this one, I don't mind! (plus it's not like I invented it or anything hehe) I think we should all focus on getting back to the holiday spirit rather than just shopping and not really focusing on family/friends and what the holidays really mean.

Sorry, didn't mean to go off on a tangent. Talking about the holidays makes my head spin into so many different directions... maybe I have ADD. haha. Anyway, hope you all have a very fabulous Thanksgiving with your family, friends, volunteering, by yourself, or however you choose to spend this holiday. Just remember to be safe, especially if you have drinks!


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