Thursday, July 5, 2012

Insert Witty Title Here.

Hope y'all had a great 4th of July, I know I did! I spent several hours at the pool and then went over to Candy's for some yummy food and watched movie. Good times. I hope we all remembered to take a moment and think about those who are still fighting for our freedom today.

On the crafting front, Bel and I have some news, we are super excited to announce that Ruffles and Lace will be at Christmas in July in Coldspring! You can checkout their flier here: Christmas in July
We couldn't be more thrilled that our second event is something major like this and Christmas themed at that! Hope to see you all there! We have been working on some new stuff and hope to have quite a few new items out for the show.

So, aftering having Wednesday off for the 4th, does anyone else feel like today should be the weekend and not Thursday? Too bad we couldn't just have the rest of the week off, that would have been fabulous! I'm ready to get to work on my projects this weekend and hit up a couple garage sales in between.

Ok, on to the MAJOR point of this post... Who has seen Magic Mike? haha! I saw it with a few friends Friday night. It's really good, do yourself and favor and go. Now. Chaning Tatum can dance. I mean we all knew he could dance from those Step Up days and all, but that boy can really move! I think all future CT movies have been ruined now, unless of course he's dancing in them. Preferably without a shirt on. I kid, I kid. But no, really. Has anyone caught the preview for Savages? I really want to see that movie as well. It reminds me of the oh so awesome Johnny Depp classis "Blow". Drugs, violence, comedic lines, pretty faces, I mean really what else do you need? It opens 7/6, I'm sure I'll be seeing it sometime soon.

You probably noticed a tad more white space on this 'ol bloggity. I'm working on a few changes. One of which is going to require purchasing a new tablet to work on some design techiniques, which I will get around too in the near future. I just bought an iPad, so I'm trying to not break the bank with technological purchases this month. I think y'all will dig the upgrade once I have everything and get going with it. I just couldn't look at that tired old pattern anymore. I also didn't want to upload another pattern that would make me feel the same way in 2.5 months. So, you'll obvs see the results once the changes start happening!

xoxo - kris

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