Monday, July 9, 2012

Busy Busy Bee!

I had grand plans of doing a large post from work today featuring some Instagram pics of late, however the Oh So Lovely computer system at work that has been on the fritz for over a week decided today would be a great day to allow everyone access. Soooo, needless to say I was up to my eyeballs in reports. Do you work much with Excel? I've always been kind of a freak about organization when it comes to getting things done (except my clothes, they're never organized go figure). Well, the way our magnificent computer program extracts data into the spreadsheet is beyond confusing, I'm basically cross-eyed by the time it's over.. and then it all starts over again the very next month! I think this may be one of the reasons I love crafting so much, it's organized chaos, in a way. There's a plan, usually a very intricate one when I'm involved, and then once you begin, things usually tend to get messy but the project will turnout basically how it was supposed to. I'm definitely of the mindset that some people are good with numbers and other are better creatively- me being the later obvs. I'm not bad with numbers, I'd just rather use the pen I'm writing them with to poke my eye out than actually work with them. Anyway, I'm rambling waaaay off subject here. The point is that I was uber busy at work and couldn't get around to posting the super amazing stuff I was going to, and now that it's late and the Derby is on, you'll just have to wait for another day.

I do like posting some kind of picture though, so here's a few pics from my Sunday errands :)

Did a little shopping! Got the second part of someone's gift! LOVE this store. Super cute and totally reasonable bags. And they're all MACHINE WASHABLE = awesome.

If you've never been, go. now. This is my favorite thing to order, and by my fav, I literally mean I do not order anything else because nothing tops it! Chocolate yogurt with peanut butter crisp topping.YUM!

The drive home was great, we got to look at this scary dude the whole way. He at least waited until we were safe at home before unleashing his wrath.

I also saw Savages Sunday afternoon, really good movie. I suggest seeing it, although if you don't dig the violence, you might want to hold off or at least be prepared to cover your eyes. It is after all, about drug cartels and kidnapping, so tons of violence. It's kind of like a new age "Blow" but with Weed instead of coke.

Hope your week is starting off less crazy than mine! I have several projects to finish before going on vaca next week and would really like to not be swamped at work too. Happy Monday!


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