Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hump Day!

I know I've been majorly slacking lately.. but it's summer, and I've been busy with projects, enjoying time outside, and of course obsessing over Euro 2012. (Germany is so going all the way!) I'm actually watching a game as I type, at work, yeah that's how I roll.

Anyway. I have been pretty busy working on some projcts and hitting up garage sales scavenging for new finds to continue the projects. I should have some new pics up over on the Ruffles and Lace Facebook page after this weekend. I'll try to post some here too, but you should definitely head over there and check them out! Bel and I have been looking at some upcoming shows for a while now and will be posting about those in the near future as well. There are some possible major changes ahead and I'm very excited about the possibilites the future holds for us.

On a different note, next week is the 4th of July! I hope everyone has something fun planned that involves the outdoors. I know it's BRUTALLY hot around here, but the evenings really aren't too bad. I'll be heading to the pool with my pal Candy and then having a bbq/get together at her house that evening. I can't wait, it's going to be super fun! If only we had more than one day off, then it would be majorly awesome. I made some homemade, well semi-homemade (Sandra Lee anyone?) sangria last weekend and it was pretty yummy, but I'm thinking I might go all the way and make a completely homemade batch for the 4th. We'll see though. I need to find a good recipe to make as well. I'll have to figure that out between painting projects this weekend.

Does anyone use Photoshop? I'm thinking about getting a pen tablet that will connect to my laptop and be able to do a lot of fun stuff with and possibily a photoshop program to go with it. However, they're all so freaking expensive! I need some input on the big versions versus the elements version and such. Obviously, I'm going to research it, but if anyone has any knowledge on any of the programs it would be greatly appreciated. :)

Ok, I have to concentrate on this game. Portugal and Spain are going into over time and could possibly going into PK's. So exciting!!


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