Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How is it only Tuesday?

I've had to remind myself countless times that today is in fact Tuesday.  How can it only be Tuesday?! It seems like this week has been forever long, and we're only 2 days into it. So not cool.

I've been trying to catch up on normal things lately since Trade Days is over. I spent so many days/nights leading up to it working on projects and then getting everything ready for it that I really didn't do anything besides that. So this past weekend was great. I watched my boys, the USMNT, (or the U.S. Men's National Team for those not in the know) Friday night. They kicked some major ass, it was great! Saturday morning I went to the gym and then headed to the new outdoor shooting range here in the ville. It is a pretty awesome place. I spent about an hour out there with my dad just shooting, it was a lot of fun! Next time we're hitting up the rifles :)

Since I was already in my workout clothes and had just spent an hour hanging out in the middle of gun powder, I dicided it would be a fine time to clean my house. Let me just say, I know most people don't like cleaning, but I HATE cleaning. I have horrible allergies and when it's hot and I can't open the windows it makes them twenty times worse. But, I could live with that. What I really cannot stand is cleaning the bathroom. So yeah, I spent some time Saturday afternoon feeling oh so lovely cleaning. But, after that I was able to relax some and then meet Bel for dinner and drinks. Then both of us met up with another friend at this new little bar called Epic. For the ville, it's actually really cute and trendy. I definitely dont feel like I'm "sititng at a bar in the ville" when I'm in there, so that's always a good sign. We ended up doing a little 'bar hopping' and went to a few different places. One of the most entertaining was probably Doc's (I can't remember the new name for it now that it's changed). Let me just say, karaoke bar. We obvs didn't sing, just listened to some tone def drunkards singing. Extrememly entertaining if you've never done it.

Sunday I had to be in the Woodlands for an appointment so my mom and I decided to try the new Pinkberry that just opened up at the mall. So Delish! I go to Pinkberry every time I'm in Dallas visiting Dev and can't believe it has taken this long for one to come to the Woodlands, but I'm so freaking excited! If you have never been to Pinkberry, do yourself a favor and go. Today. It's the best yogurt, ever.

After yummy yogurt time, we headed back home and I met Candy at the pool for a few hours and just relaxed it was great. Oh, until old creeper arrived. Yeah, 40-50 year old man with a flat top haircut circa 1992, high waisted swim trunks, and a Harley. I see him at the gym all the time. And did I mention that he had previously tried to hit on my at the karaoke bar? Anyway, we didn't let creepy old dude ruin our pool time!

Sunday night was the premier of True Blood! I almost gave it up a couple seasons back when it got a little too weird and crazy for me, but I'm very happy to report it's back on track and I'm glad I didn't give it up.

I know I wrote about loving summer time in the last post, but aren't you just so glad it's here?! I'd love it even more if I could enjoy the days out and about instead of being in an office, but someone's gotta pay the bills! I'm loving my Baggu bags! They're perfect for any summer activity! Going to the beach or pool. Baggus come in a cute little pouch (like the picture) so they fold up nicely if you wanted to take it the market or mall also. I have 4 of these regular sized bags and 1 baby Baggu that I use for my lunch. They're machine washable (just no dryer) and with the funky colors who wouldn't want to bring one of these to the beach?!

I don't know about y'all, but these long afternoons at work are really dragging these days. Pandora has become my very best friend. Especially on days when the guys are out of the office- it's dead quiet in here! I usually just listen to "Today's Country" since it's generally the most pleasing/least offenive if someone walks in and hears it before I can turn it down. One of the songs I'm really digging is Luke Bryan's "Drunk On You". There are quite a few songs out right now that I'm loving, but this one just really makes me smile and think about summer days and happy times. :)

Something else I'm totally loving right now is my Conair curling stick. I absolutely swear by this thing! It's only $30 at Target and works wonders. My hair is super straight and fine. I mean seriously, I go to bed with it wet and it's straight as a board in the morning, without even brushing it first. This magnificent little guy actually makes curls stay in my hair and can even do beachy waves or curly curls. He's fantastic! 

Hope the week is starting out great for you, even though it's only Tuesday. ;)



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