Friday, August 24, 2012


It's finally Friday! Is it just me or do the weeks seem to drag on lately? I feel like time has flown by, Fall is just around the corner but it feels like just yesterday it was May, but yet the weekends still take forever to get here it seems. Such is life I guess.

Hope you are all having a great week and plan to have an even better weekend! I might check out the Bearkat soccer game tonight and then work on some Ruffles and Lace projects tomorrow. Last night was Hornet Hysteria at the high school, Candy and I went with a couple other friends to watch Miss Caitlyn cheer. She did a fabulous job! It is still a bit strange going back to my old high school, even after working there for several years, and being in a brand new gym that wasn't around back when I was young. Oh well, guess I'm getting old!

Last weekend I worked on some Ruffles and Lace projects for Fair on the Square. Here's a little peek at one of the creations.
Candy Corn Wreath
Dont forget to make plans to attend the Fair on the Square- Saturday, October 6th! There are a ton of booths with all kinds of vendors and goodies and of course awesome food vendors, and there's a beer garden too ;)
Enjoy your Friday and have a fantabulous weekend!

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