Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I know many of you read The Pioneer Woman's site, if you don't, you're missing out! I usually just read and laugh at her silliness while randomly entering giveaways (that I'm ones never going to win) but every once in a while one of the posts really stands out and I'm compelled to share it. Do yourself a favor and check out This Post about some super cute sandals. They're not only really cute, but also support a great cause, which makes them extra fabulous!

On a completely different note, who's been watching True Blood?! OMG. I'm really glad I didn't stop watching a few seasons back like I almost did... so. good. right. now. And sticking to the topic of television, my ultimate, all-time favorite show starts back up in less than a month- SOA! (Sons of Anarchy) You should definitely catch up on the previous seasons if you haven't already been watching, it's literally the best show I've ever seen.

Can you believe Summer is almost over? Well, I guess down here it technically never ends until the first freeze, and even then it's questionable. But, Fall is coming and I couldn't be more excitd. I love when it starts to get dark out earlier and the breeze is cool at night. I just love the build up to winter with all the Fall decor, colors, leaves everywhere, rainy days, and s'mores (you can't have cool weather without s'mores!).

I'm so ready for this weekend so I can get back to working Ruffles and Lace projects! Hope you have some exciting plans for the weekend :)


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