Thursday, May 17, 2012

Projects Galore!

Yesterday I mentioned that working on some projects recently for Ruffles and Lace has been keeping me super busy, well today I finally have some time to share some of the finished projects with you. My friend Isabel and I recently started Ruffles and Lace as a side venture, since we both love crafting and had been looking for a change it was the perfect fit! So instead of blabbing on and on about the business, I'll just let the pictures do the talking.

This is the 18" Yellow Rosette Pillow. The rosettes are all handmade as is the pillow. They are also made out of the same fabric as the pillow, however since the fabric is only patterned on one side it gives the rosettes a slight rustic/vintage look- which I love!

The middle pillow in this picture is a 12" Blue Rosette Pillow. Again, the rosettes are handmade along with the rest of the pillow. I can't remember if I've posted pics of the other two pillows or not (and since I'm too lazy to go back and look)... The White Ruffle Pillow is also 12" and the Pink Ruffle Pillow is 12"x14".

This fabulous little teacup bird feeder is probably one of my favorite items! I made four of them last week and this one is my absolute fav. The wooden rung is sanded, painted, and distressed then adorned with an oh so precious teacup that is accented with little pink flowers to match the paint. Bird seed will fit perfectly inside the cup as well as around the saucer, or you can fill the cup with water- or buy two and do both! :)

Isabel and I have some other exciting things in the works and will hopefully be getting that squared away soon, and then I will most definitely be posting about it!


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