Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day Dream Believer

I know, I've been horribly bad at posting lately. Hopefully you have been checking out the facebook page for Ruffles and Lace, because that's what has been keeping me busy! RUFFLES AND LACE

Anyway, I was just checking out one of my fav sites and saw this picture and article accompanying it about making a bench.

Doesn't it just look so amazingly perfect? I could sit there for hours and read a book or scetch out some project ideas - or just take a nap. If I ever have a nice little house with a backyard there better be an awesome shade tree to make this happen. Just picture sitting there for a couple hours reading, dreaming or doing whatever your heart desires. How relaxing! I much have a bench like this in my life.

On different note, I will definitely be posting the projects that have been taking up all my time in the next few days, so be on the lookout! Hope everyone has been enjoying the spring time weather, it'll be 100+ before we know it!

xoxo - kris

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