Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Time!

Spring is officially here! I absolutely love the cold weather, however, I truely love this time of year when the days are longer and you just want to accomplish so much more in the day. Which brings me to the main topic for today, crafts! For a while now I've been contemplating starting an Etsy page and selling items I've created that route, but for some reason or another I've just never sat down and actually did it. Well, after much deliberation and "soul searching" I've come to the conclusion that Etsy is just not for me. I do want to sell my crafts, just through a different means is all. One of my oldest and dearest friends, Isabel, and I have decided to venture into this craft selling business together. At the moment we are just cranking out some items to sell and/or display through craft shows/fairs and of course this 'ol world wild internet web. So, if you know of any craft shows in the area that you think we might like to participate in, feel free to shout it out!

Here are a couple items I worked on last weekend.

This is my Ruffle Wreath with white and pink flowers. I still have a few touches to finish up, but it's basically done. I'll be making several more Ruffle Wreaths with different themes, so be sure to check back for more pics!

This is my take on a cherry blossom branch, this was the first one. I'm sure I'll be making more of these and varying the technique and/or colors and such.

And finally, I made this tutu for Miss E's 1st birthday party this coming weekend. I used four different shades of tulle and ribbon to tie at the top. I can't wait to see her in it!
I can't wait for this weekend to get back to work on my crafts! I have a huge project I'm working Sunday, hopefully I can get all four pieces completed by Monday, so I can post pics soon. I also ordered my own Cricut. I used to go to Candy's and share with her but with the new job hours it makes it rather difficult. But now that I have my own we can have a Cricut party ;) I'm going to get a table Friday after work and set it up in the "craft room" where the sewing machine is set up as well.

I'm just so excited to get going with this adventure, and see where it takes us!


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