Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What's New

So, I guess it's time to post about the new job. Yes, I started a new job at the end of January- GASP! I'm still at the University, just in a full-time position within COBA. You don't really want to hear about all the specifics, it's not that interesting trust me. Just know that I see a lot of golf kids on a regular basis. By a lot I mean those are the only students I work with now, and by regular basis I mean every. single. day. We all know golf is not the most exciting sport in the world, that's obvs football, duh! But, I can pay my bills with some change to spare so I guess that's all that matters right now.

Anywhoooo, speaking of the most totally awesome sport ever. Who watched the SuperBowl?! We had a blast watching the game... Too bad my boys couldn't pull through, but it was fun none the less. Candy, Caitlyn, and I went down to the Land of the Woods to watch the game at a friend's house. They have an awesome patio area for just such ocassions. I made Chuy's dip (love!) and Candy brought bacon cheeseburger dip - that dip was delish! We also had some yummy gummy bears that had been soaked in vodka (thanks Pinterest!) they were great, especially when my team started coming appart at the seams. ;)

Last weekend I got to spend some time with Heather and Miss Ellie! I was so excited because I haven't hung out with Heather in forever and I haven't seen Ellie since she started crawling. Love getting to spend time with them. We ordered some food to go and watched a movie while Ellie had a blast crawling all over the place, and us. If you haven't seen What's Your Number with Anna Farris, you should totally watch it!

This Saturday I'm working on some craft projects with Candy, so hopefully I will have some awesome pictures to post next week!


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