Monday, April 8, 2013

so fresh and so clean...

I've been thinking a lot lately about this whole "clean eating" thing. I know there are varying degrees to making the jump and I have been trying to decide if it's something for me... Well, I've also had a major sweet tooth lately and been snacking waaaay too much, I think from lack of sleep from the time change, yeah I'm a grandma and still haven't adjusted. So, I decided to take the leap!

As of today, I am clean eating. I'm not going crazy hardcore with it, but I am cutting out processed foods and sugar and trying to just eat natural foods. Sunday evening I roasted a huge sheet of veggies and made my first ever batch of quinoa. If you've never made quinoa, it's definitely a task to make it, those suckers are tiny! *Note to self, buy a 'mesh' strainer.* I also made a homemade salsa to use as a topping/sauce. I'll be bringing this for lunch every day this week. Oh, and FYI quinoa is mega filling. I didn't even bring a full serving of it and I still didn't eat all my lunch because I was so full. Annnd in case you're wondering I brought grapes and baby carrots for an afternoon snack at my desk ;) I'm hoping this will not only make me healthier in general, but also translate into better running as well. We shall see!

Anyone else planning to try clean eating?


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