Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cottonwood falling like snow in July.

I love this time of year, spring is in the air. Wait, did I say spring- I meant summer/winter. It's been getting up around 90 here but each week we have a little cold snap that drops us back down to the 40's for a day or two. Ridiculous, just make up your mind already Mother Nature!

Anywho... The arrival of outdoor weather definitely puts me into project mode! I've been hitting up some garage sales (hopefully there will be plenty more in the coming weeks) to find lots of goodies and then spending my Saturdays working away on stuff. I was finally got out my camera and took some pics of a big project I finished a little over a week ago. There are a couple photos up on the Ruffles and Lace page (HERE) along with 2 chalkboards I've recently made as well. I'm super stoked about this table, y'all! I had so much fun making it and LOVE how it turned out!

The tabletop is stained in a dark brown and has a stenciled pattern. The drawer has a vintage, yellow knob. The table itself is actually a one drawer desk, but I think it would be fabulous as a little fanity as well, just hang a really big mirror on the wall above it and you're set!
Here are a couple chalkboards I did. The red one at Fair on the Square was such a hit, I just had to make another one :)


Hope y'all are doing well and will be out enjoying the spring/summer time weather! (yesterday was Earth Day afterall!)


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