Monday, October 1, 2012

Sneak Peeks!

In case you haven't noticed from the 5,000 times I've mentioned it, Fair on the Square is THIS WEEK! eeeeek! I'm so excited! This Saturday we'll be out all day, so come by and see us while you're busy shopping and enjoying all the awesomeness the fair has to offer each year. The weather looks like it will be amazing, so it should be a great weekend to be outdoors.

I've been working my fingers to the bone getting things ready, hopefully it will pay off and everyone will love our stuff. I have so many things left to do on the list before Friday, but I did make a last minute decision to add some Halloween crafts to the list too. (I know, I may be a tad insane!) I cranked out several of them Saturday and I'm really loving how they turned out.

Don't mind the shelf or random greenery in the background, I just hung them up for a quick pic in the middle of working Saturday night. I have a couple more that couldn't fit on the rod for the pic, but you can get the idea. I'm going to make several more so there will be a decent amount available for this weekend. On a non-Halloween note, I'm also planning to make some Christmas hangers as well... That is, if I don't run out of hours in the days before Friday night!

Here's another sneak peek at a Fall wreath that will be at Fair on the Square.

Please excuse the messy carpet, my shadow and the teeny tiny stem of a flower stem at the top of the pic, oh and the horrible lighting. yeah, I probably should have mentioned the lighting first. I should really learn to take pictures in the day, and not after I've been working for a gazillion hours straight.

And just because it's Monday, the boss it out, and I'm feeling great (all be it exhausted) I'll give you one more peak at another Fall wreath.
Again, don't mind the messy carpet or the edge of the Ruffle Wreath in the top corner or the horrible lighting. I'm making a mental note to take pictures in the daylight hours and only AFTER the wreath is completely ready to hang. HA!

I just get so excited and then once I've moved on to something else, I forget to go back and take another picture. Oh well, we live learn!

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. It's October 1st y'all! Here's to a great week and an even better month, loving this Fall weather!


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