Friday, April 6, 2012

Get Your Run On!

May 1st will kick off the Tread on Trafficking campaign for Love146, and organization dedicated to bringing an end to child slavering and exploitation as well as providing aftercare to the lucky ones who have escaped. If you have not already heard about Love146 and the work they do, go check out their website and see for yourself what they're all about.

Tread on Trafficking takes place from May1st - June 30th. During this time I (and many other treaders) will be logging miles in any way we can to reach an established goal, mine is 325 miles. The idea is to get sponsors to donate a certain amount per mile, for example if you were to donate $.10/mile for me and I reach my goal of 325 miles, you would ultimately be donating $32.50. This can get a little confusing for some and also the not knowing exactly how much you will donate might deter some people, well never fear there is always a way! You can also make a one time contribution through my page ( So, whether it be $5.00 or $25.00 or however much you are able, any little bit helps! And believe me, when the beginning of June rolls around it's a super awesome motivator to log in and see all the contributions made - it just pushes me to keep going for my goal.

For those of you who enjoy working out, want to start getting in shape, or just want to help this awesome organization, there's also a link on my page to Team Texas Love 146. This will direct you to the team site I created so we can work together in this fight. If you decide to join, you will set up your own page (similar to mine) that will be linked to the team site as well. We set our own mileage goals and workout on our own (unless you live near me and want to join me for runs!) and the team page just totals our contributions so our donations are made in the team name under each persons name. -- Hopefully that makes sense! I think being a team for something like this is a great way to stay motivated and spread the word even further than on person can do on their own. Once you sign-up, you receive a welcome packet via email and it has all kinds of good stuff for you to utilize like a mileage log, graphics for facebook or webpages, and posters to print and share with the community. I'm going to print a few of the posters and see about hanging them at the gym, since everyone is already working out there anyway! ;)

What's really awesome is that you don't HAVE to run to log your miles. Anything you can think of you can do: run, bike, swim, walk, row, etc. Whatever floats your boat! Last year a young girl logged her hours using a pogo stick - super creative! Another guy was on a paddle boat for 24 hours straight (I can't imagine the blisters, that's some dedication for sure). Basically what I'm getting at is don't be intimidated thinking you have to run a gazillion miles, because you most definitely do not. I hope I see some new names on Team Texas Love 146 soon!

You don't have to wait until May 1st to sign up or to start donating. So let's get to treading and get the word out there!

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