Friday, October 25, 2013

It's Fall Y'all

Fall has finally made it to Texas, and I am so happy about it! I love not sweating my arse off when doing the most random thing outside, like walking to my office from the parking lot. ;)

Last Saturday, October 19th, I was all ready to run the quarter marathon again (same race as last year) when a cold front blew in Friday night, again. This year it was a little warmer than the 41 degrees at start time from a year ago. We had a chilly 50 degree race. It was fabulous! Prior to the race in 2012, which was my first ever, I had done ALL running at the gym on the treadmill. I was really happy with the result last October: 1:09+ and 5th overall in my age group. My goals had been to run the entire time and not use my inhaler. I achieved those goals, so I felt great.

Fast forward to 2013. Ever since that race in 2012, I've been doing my running outside. I got a taste of outdoor running and there is no turning back. I actually hate running on the treadmill now, so rainy days are not my friend. The course I typically run has quite a few hills and a large encline a the end so I was certain my time would go down some, maybe a couple minutes. Well, I was completely shocked when I shaved SEVEN minutes off my time and was 2nd overall in my age group. Speaking of age groups I entered a new one this year and according to last years times this "older" age group was faster so I was a little nervous about that. Anywho, I was SO excited when I saw those results. I don't try to compete with other runners, because let's face it, I'm not super fast or anything, I just compete with myself. But, my competitive drive is kicking in and now I want to get 1st. I should have known this would happen. haha!

I was actually using this year's quarter as a stepping stone to get ready for a couple half marathons I'm planning this winter and spring. One in December and the other in March, I'm really pumped for the December race. Megan happened to be racing in the quarter so we were able to hang out while we waited for the awards ceremony. She was 2nd in her age group too! We both received medals, it was so much fun! I've convinced her to do the half with my in December so I won't be heading out there alone. Plus, we were right about the same pace for the quarter so I'm sure it'll be the same for this one too. The marathon and half marathon on December 8th is supposed to be one of the best in Texas so I'm really pumped to try it out. Annnnd, it's much more flat than the course we just ran so there's that.

Hope everyone is enjoying the fall weather! I can't believe Halloween is next week, crazy how time flies. Happy Halloween! Be safe :)


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