Sunday, November 13, 2011

one of my favorite things

Obviously, there are have been many great/important inventions throughout history, but let's be real, one of the most awesome of recent years has to be the digital video recorder. That's right, your DVR. After having one, I could never not have one again! It's so convenient! The only downside to the DVR is that I'm sure in the end it makes me watch more tv than before, but since the shows are recorded they're not watched all in the same week- so really I think the time thing balances itself out, right? 

Since it's Sunday and two of my fav shows are on tonight (along with one of my greatest loves, Sunday night Football- did I mention how much I love this DVR?!) I'm going to give you my top three series that are set to record on my DVR.

3. Dexter.

For those of you who live under a rock, Dexter is a serial killer who makes his home on Showtime. I rented the first three seasons and watched them over a boring summer weekend. That's right, I said WEEKEND. It's. That. Good. I purchased Showtime specifically for Dexter. He's an awesome guy! I know what you're thinking- serial killer? awesome? He only kills bad people. He works for Miami Metro PD with his sister Deb (who is also one of my other fav characters). This is definitely a show that gets better with age, season 6 just started a few weeks ago and I'm thinking this is the best one yet!

2. Sons of Anarchy. 

This. Show. Is. Ah-mazing. Kurt Sutter is a genius! I really don't see how he comes up with this stuff week in and week out. It's unreal. Sons of Anarchy is centered around a motorcycle club in California who do all kinds of stuff like run guns for the IRA, back a porn studio, help organize community picnics for children (where one of the members plays Elvis dress-up with the kids), and drug running with a cartel. Plus they have family drama with girls, kids and old club history. I know what you're thinking, this sounds ridiculous! And it is... Ridiculously awesome! Trust me on this one. I do not know one person I've told about this show who has come back with a negative reaction. Even my sister, who was against it for several years has jumped on the bandwagon! 

And finally, for #1 - it's really a tie between SONS and the following but since this next gem is much newer I decided to move it to the head of the pack for now to see how it plays out. Hopefully this wasn't a horrible move.

1. The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead premiered last year on Halloween, with a small season of about 7 episodes. I didn't initially watch it. I'm definitely not a zombie kind of girl. I enjoy some scary movies and vampires and such, but zombies have always scared the bejesus out of me. Seriously, I Am Legend gave me nightmares. But, I kept hearing good things about this show. My brother-in-law told me what sold him on in (something that happens in the first 10 mins of episode 1) and I decided to check it out. And by check it out, I mean wake up super early on a beautiful Sunday morning with the sun shining and birds chirping to watch episode one around 9am. It wasn't too bad, so I watched the next 3 episodes that were available on demand immediately after. I was hooked. Season 2 premiered a couple weeks ago and even though nothing major has happened yet, I'm digging it. I think they're building for something big! You'll be happy to know it's really not that scary. I watch it Sunday nights when it airs (unless it conflicts with one of my teams playing). Even though these zombies are definitely more disgusting than the ones from Will Smith's movie I don't find them scary or anything like that. There definitely a few times when I look away from fleshy grossness, but that's just because it's gross not scary haha! I think anyone could really handle this show and you should definitely check it out! Since the first season was so short, you could be caught up pretty quickly. I highly recommend trying this one out! :)

What do you record? What are your fav shows?


  1. What what! Look at you with a new post!

    My favs are Survivor (yes, still), Once Upon a Time (new), Next Iron Chef/Top Chef.

    love, jolene

  2. Oh, I was wondering about Once Upon a Time..I can't handle anymore Sunday night shows though. Don't they realize people watch football?! I watch several other shows throughout the week but they are not worthy of the three that are listed haha!

    You and your Survivor, omg. ;)